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Nature's inner magnificence emulates the seamless unity of form and function.

In the modern era, we understand that knowledge is paramount. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you acquire information about the state of your teeth and the professionals who will be caring for them from credible sources.

...where passion and love for dentistry meet oral health, creating a harmonious confluence of knowledge, skills, and unwavering commitment...

Dental Studio 3 is a contemporary dental clinic located in the heart of Belgrade. Our expert team includes Assistant Professor Dr. Nikola Radović, a specialist in periodontology and oral medicine, and Dr. Igor Mamlić, a doctor of dentistry. From the inception of our careers, our central focus has been the holistic health of our patients, with a particular emphasis on oral well-being. Our patient approach adheres to the “family doctor” or “family dentist” model, which revolves around continuous prevention, early disease detection, and treatment for all family members. Our ultimate objective is to ensure healthy mouths and teeth, nurtured through the trust we’ve built over the years with our patients.

Our approach.

Dental Studio 3 founded its core values on the inner essence of the dental arts.

Each of our patients undergoes a comprehensive examination of the entire oral cavity, encompassing an assessment of the oral mucosa with a specific emphasis on early signs of mucosal changes as part of an oral cancer screening. Subsequently, we conduct an examination of the teeth and their supporting structures, colloquially known as the gums. Following discussions with the patient, a clinical examination, and the analysis of diagnostic tools, we present the diagnosis and treatment plan. We firmly believe that an individualized approach to patient care is the only correct path.


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